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Fight the evil eye and to find out why your perception of reality is flawed.  Made using Oculus Rift in a standing, front-facing play space.

This is my first Epic MegaJam submission. I underestimated how long the gameplay would take, so its very minimal and there are a couple glitches. I'm happy with the environment, transitions, and how alive I was able to make the eye.  I also like the idea of having achievements that can offer value in real life, even its knowing an interesting fact.

I learned a lot during this week, especially that completing the gameplay early a must.

The hands are from the Oculus UE4 branch. The eyes and face are from the Digital Human project by Epic Games. Everything else is made using Maya LT, Substance Painter, and Photoshop.


Graham Rust -Y.zip 176 MB

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